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Top 10 Switched Pdus of 2022

February 25,2023

Top 10 Switched PDUs of 2022

PDUs are a sort of power distribution unit that provides servers, PCs, networking hardware, and other devices with dependable network power.

To accommodate the power requirements of your system, they are offered with various outlet layouts and line cable choices. Additionally, intelligent PDUs such as Socket Rack  PDU provide extra functionality to enhance data center management.

Automatic Switch Transfer Switch 100A 21×14×11.5CM For Switching Power DESCRIPTION Automatic Switch Transfer Switch 100A 21×14×11.5CM For Switching Power Features: 1.High temperature resistance: the outer housing of the switch is made of flame retardant material, which is resistant to high temperatures, does not deform easily and is safer to use. 2.Fast switching: Sensitive response, quick switching of the power supply in milliseconds. 3.Excellent performance: reasonable structure, small size, b


Eaton Power Distribution Units

You can select the best option for your needs from a variety of Eaton PDUs with Outlet Metering like Socket Rack Vertical 1U horizontal pdu. You may acquire control over your data center, monitor power usage at the outlet level, and enhance department billing with their assistance.

Whether you require a single phase or three phase PDU, choosing the proper one can be crucial to the success of your network. Look for features that let you remotely manage rack PDUs for numerous equipment rows and/or different sites.

Use a PDU that can sustain continuous uptime and operational stability to keep your equipment operating smoothly. These PDUs offer G3 technology with features that lower costs and boost performance and are made with real-world applications in mind.

Consider a PDU with fuse disconnect capability, which can stop unauthorized outlet use, for added security. IEC outlet grip plug retention, a color chassis for simple identification, and a high operating temperature threshold are other crucial aspects to take into account.

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Eaton Power Distribution Units with Outlet Metering

ePDU G3 Metered Outlet models supply high-resolution data about kWh, power peaks, and current demand. They offer device level metering over multiple power sources. A sophisticated hot-swap meter with LCD pixel display, IEC Class 1 (1%) billing grade accuracy, and the capacity to daisy-chain up to eight ePDUs to share a single network connection and IP address are all included in this system.

This high density 0U, 1U, and 2U rack PDU was created with data center design in mind and includes a revolutionary tool-less mounting method that obviates the need for tools or electricians during installation. It is a fantastic option for data centers of all sizes because of its low-profile form factor and lightweight aluminum chassis.

Eaton offers a wide range of types to fit your demands, whether you're seeking for simple, metered input or metered outlet capabilities. Whichever type you decide on, it's critical to select one that satisfies your needs for power distribution as well as your environment.

3. Eaton Power Distribution Units with Remote Monitoring

A thorough picture of power consumption at the outlet level is provided by EATON Power Distribution Units with Remote Monitoring. With +-1% billing grade accuracy, a simple-to-use color touchscreen LCD displays network information, input current levels per phase, and output current levels per load bank and per outlet.

These variants additionally have a hot-swap meter, the ability to daisy link up to four PDUs sharing the same IP address and network connection, and remote monitoring of important equipment within each color-coded outlet segment.

G3 PDUs offer characteristics that enable you to maintain continuous uptime, acquire operational stability, and monitor your environment while lowering costs and enhancing performance. They were created with real-world applications in mind. You can select from Basic, Managed, or Metered Input rack PDUs depending on your needs

4. Eaton Power Distribution Units with Remote Control

Network users can remotely manage their power environment with Eaton switched PDUs and Vertical OU rackmount PDU metering, also known as power distribution units with remote control. This includes the capability to restart connected devices and turn off unused outlets to stop unauthorized use.

These ePDUs, which are made for data centers and colocation facilities, offer best-in-class capabilities that make it easy for you to improve your IT environment. They come in many form factors, such as 0U, 1U, and 2U options.

The High Density (HD) PDU, which has two customizable outlet module slots with IEC and NEMA choices to design up to 54 outlets, is the top-of-the-line item in this group. To fulfill the needs of a modern data center, it has a low-profile form factor and a high operating temperature threshold. It performs and innovates at new heights thanks to ePDU G3 technology.

5. Eaton Power Distribution Units with SNMP

Eaton Power Distribution Units with SNMP are designed to interact with third-party building management systems, energy management systems, and data center infrastructure management solutions, making monitoring and managing your company's equipment easier than ever. Key electrical performance indicators like voltage, current, power, frequency, and energy may be collected and reported on by these devices with an accuracy of 1%.

Simple PDUs distribute unfiltered AC power from a UPS system, generator, or utility source to numerous connected devices. These devices have an LCD panel that shows information about the hardware and firmware, amperage, input and output voltages, active power consumption in kilowatts, and input and output voltages. A typical SNMP card enables network-based remote monitoring and control.

6. Eaton Power Distribution Units with RS-232

The 23kW 3-phase Eaton EMI310-10 PDU with multi-function touchscreen LCD manages, distributes, and monitors AC power. It has a Java-free network interface that enables remote load level monitoring to avoid overloads.

The nicest thing is that it is a 0U unit, which requires less rack space than you may anticipate. Additionally, it has a few ingenious features that set it apart from the competitors. Its monitoring of +/-1% billing grade accuracy is one of the more intriguing ones.

Up to 4 ePDUs can share a single network connection and IP address thanks to the ePDU's daisy chain function. The hot-swappable module, which facilitates maintenance and service, is an additional cool feature. It is among the quickest to light up because it even boasts the most effective LEDs we could locate. For a small or medium-sized IT environment that requires a power distribution unit with the newest features, the EMI310-10 is a fantastic option.

7. Eaton Power Distribution Units with RS-485

Every IT department strives for top-notch power management, and Eaton offers a solution for you. The company's ePDU range of switches provides everything from standard single rack units to high density, low profile, multi-rack versions. They are also adept in handling power surges, spikes, and outages. They are also simple to deploy and keep up with. The finest part is that they will consistently deliver the best results. The PDUs indicated above are also the most economical over the long term. They may be deployed at any speed and at any number of sites.

8. Eaton Power Distribution Units with RS-422

For your application needs, Eaton offers a full selection of RS-422 PDUs in 0U, 1U, and 2U sizes. They have a range of output receptacle options, unique IEC outlet grip plug retention, color-coded outlet sections, a low-profile form factor, and are designed for basic power distribution and branch circuit protection.

Many communications equipment employ the electronic signaling standard known as RS-422. The Electronic Industries Alliance created this specification to replace TIA-232C with a superior system that is faster, more dependable, and noise-resistant.

For applications that demand a balanced voltage circuit to transfer data, RS-422 is frequently used in conjunction with other standards that specify the entire DTE/DCE interface. These additional specifications would specify the protocols, connectors, pin configurations, and functions. Devices like modems, AppleTalk networking, and RS-422 printers frequently contain RS-422 technology.

9. Eaton Power Distribution Units with RS-463

Eaton G3 rack PDUs provide best-in-class power distribution and management for your server room or switching environment since they were designed with real-world applications in mind. Our comprehensive array of monitored and metered outlet capabilities will guarantee that all of your equipment receives the proper amount of power it needs to work properly, regardless of whether you require high density or standard platform rack mount PDUs.

0U metered outlet models, which take use of the most recent technology, offer a straightforward and affordable solution to help you maintain Level 3 power usage effectiveness, enhance departmental invoicing, and evaluate energy consumption at the outlet level. The IEC outlet grip plug retention, color-coded outlet sections, and low-profile form factor allow you to tailor your installation while selecting the output receptacle that best suits your needs.

10. Eaton Power Distribution Units with RS-465

To fulfill your demands, Eaton offers a wide selection of power distribution units (PDUs) with RS-465. These PDUs have numerous functionalities, including power monitoring, remote control, and others. They also feature the best performance and design. These high-quality PDUs are a fantastic choice for any data center looking to increase productivity and enhance operations. They include a variety of features, including the most robust and secure in their class unique IEC outlet grip plug retention function, which prevents inadvertent disconnects. Additionally, they offer a selection of output receptacle options. The fact that you may order them to meet your exact specifications is the most crucial feature.