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Vertical OU rackmount PDU metering with socket switch

Vertical OU rackmount PDU metering with socket switch

Form factor: Vertical 0U

Outlets: 24

Rated amps: 30A

Input voltage: 200-240V

Functionality: MPHC: Rack PDU Metered + Outlet Switched

Main Features


The MPH2 is the most intelligent, high-availability line of managed rack PDUs. It offers remote monitoring and control capabilities and environmental sensing options, with multiple power input selections, output configurations, and form factors.



.Form Factor:Vertical 0U

.Outlets:(24) 24 C13

.Input Plug:L6-30

.Rated Amps:30A

.Input Voltage:200-240V

.Output Voltage:200-240V


.Functionality:MPHC: Rack PDU Metered + Outlet Switched

.Mounting:Preinstalled toolless brackets, Universal Mounting bracket, Optional pre-installation in WPX and other, vendor racks

.0U Units Width x Depth:0U Low profile: 56mm x 5mm(2.2in x 1.96in), 0U Standard: 56mm x 70mm(2.2in x 2.7in)

.0U units Length:916 mm / 1004 mm / 1737 mm/ 1827 mm, (36 in) / (39.5 in) / (68.4 in) / (72 in)

.1U|2U Units Width x Height x Depth:1U: 482.6mm x 44mm x 250mm, (19in x 1.73in x 9.84in), 2U: 482.6mm x 88mm x 250mm, (19in x 3.46in x 9.84in)

.Maximum Operating Temperature:0℃ to 60℃(32°F to 140°F)

.Relative Humidity:5% to 95%

.Over current Protection:Software Electronic Over current Protection 100% Rated 20A Branch Over current Protection -Hydraulic Magnetic, Circuit Breakers

.Idle Power Consumption:3W-5W

.Agency Approvals:UL, CSA, CE, ROHS, REACH, FCC Class A, CB, WEEE, ISTA

.Metering Levels:Aggregate, Branch, Phase, Outlet

.Parameters Measured:Volts, Current, kW, KVA, kWh, Power Factor, Crest Factor, Frequency

.Metering Accuracy:+/-1%

.Switching Capability:On, Off, Recycle, Lock, Unlock, Outlet Grouping Capability

.Modularity:RPC2 communications module

.Local Management:Onboard Display, Optional Local Display

.Remote Management:Onboard Web Interface; CLI; SNMP; SSH; Telnet, Integration with ® ACS, Universal, Management Gateway & Merge Point TM Unity, Integration with DSView ® , Rack Power Manager, Nform TM and the Trellis TM platform

.SNMP Support:v1, v2 and v3

.Authentication:Local, Remote: Active Directory, LDAP, TACACS, Radius, Kerberos

.Encryption:MD5, AES, DES