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Communication PDU future development trend of high-voltage DC, remote monitoring PDU become the benchmark

July 05,2022

With the development of information technology, the rapid expansion of the scale of data services, especially the high power, high integration equipment followed by a large number of applications, "the construction of economical and safe communication power supply system" has become the focus of attention of major communications operating companies. In the field of communication power supply, all parties in the industry chain have been exploring in order to adapt to the demand of "building economical and safe communication power supply system", high voltage DC PDUs high voltage DC PDUs to seize the high ground of future power supply
The use of high-voltage DC power supply for IT equipment (IP equipment) has changed the traditional power supply mode, and will be injected into the communications power supply industry with a new concept, which naturally has attracted the attention of the industry. At present, high-voltage DC PDUs are quite popular by virtue of their significant economic and social benefits, and are soon to be accepted by communication operators and the IT industry.
It is worth mentioning that in the IT equipment high-voltage DC power supply has come out of the laboratory, into the operator's existing network. Recently, the high-voltage DC power supply has been tested in hundreds of pilots and has been successful.
Electrical product development manager senior engineer Li Hua said in an interview with reporters, using high-voltage DC to replace the traditional UPS power supply, the average energy savings of 20 to 30% throughout the life cycle, the average investment savings of more than 30%. More importantly, because the high-voltage DC power supply system is simple and easy to maintain, and fundamentally overcome the problem of single point of failure of the UPS, the safety and reliability of the system is greatly enhanced.
Li Hua told reporters that, compared with the AC UPS system, DC power supply efficiency is greatly improved. First of all, the AC UPS system there is an inverter link, which will cause about 5% of the power loss. DC power supply eliminates the inverter link, the efficiency of the power supply can be improved; second, because the server input is DC power, there is no power factor and harmonic problems, reducing the line loss. Finally, due to the simplicity of parallel technology, a large number of modules can be used in parallel, so that the utilization rate of each module can reach 70% to 80%, compared to the AC UPS system which is already a qualitative leap.
This economic benefit due to energy saving, high efficiency, simple operation and maintenance has been fully reflected in the pilot, high-voltage DC PDU has been recognized by the operator.
Data center power supply "new favorite"
At the same time, as another new power supply mode, remote control PDUs have also begun to be applied to the power supply of IT equipment in data center rooms. In the field of data center, which has been emphasizing "green" development, the various advantages brought by remote operation have gradually emerged.
The remote power centralized management solution designed and developed for data center rooms - remote monitoring PDU, is a remote power centralized management solution for network equipment and server groups, which can remotely monitor, measure, count and analyze the power consumption of data center equipment, making it a new choice for future communication power supply.
Hunan Chenghang remote monitoring PDU solution, including PDU products and monitoring software two parts. It completely breaks the limitation of distance and geography, and can realize the security monitoring, security warning and intelligent management of the power supply of the server room through LAN and WAN anywhere in the world.
This remote monitoring PDU (remote monitoring power distribution unit) is a network intelligent management power distribution and control device developed by Electric. The remote monitoring PDU is divided into two models: host and slave, which can be used in cascade (each host can monitor 32 slave units) or used individually.
Previously, for equipment failure, maintenance personnel mainly use on-site investigation, manual intervention, which brings a waste of human resources, as well as the failure recovery is not timely. The use of remote monitoring PDUs can achieve remote recovery of faults, timely and convenient.
In addition, remote monitoring PDUs can also monitor load current, zero-fire voltage, zero-ground voltage and temperature, etc. At the same time, remote PDUs namely provide a remote network interface and a local network interface, which also reflects great flexibility in use.